Heat Pumps Maintenance.

If you are having difficulty cleaning the filters in your heat pump system, we can offer you a regular filter cleaning service.

For optimum performance and reliability, FUJITSU recommend that their heat pump systems are serviced professionally every 2 years.

If, for some reason, refrigerant has leaked from your unit, it will not be performing efficiently. A perfect reason why you should have a service done as recommended by Fujitsu.

Heat pump servicing gives peace of mind and assurance that your heat pump system is running efficiently. 

Contact our heat pump consultant to discuss the servicing options available to you.

Preventative Maintenance.

With regular maintenance you will prevent small problems from becoming big problems and ensure optimal performance of your system. Our Heat Pump Tune-Up will provide longer lasting equipment, reduce power bills, reduce repairs, provide a more comfortable indoor environment, and protect your investment.

Our Phillips Electrical 15-point inspection procedure ensures the proper maintenance of these units in your home or work place.

Our 15 Point Maintenance Check List includes:

* Remove and wash indoor unit filters

* Flush drain with 1 litre of water and check drain termination is clear of debris and obstruction

* Check fan wheel and motor for excessive dirt build up, noise and balance

* Check air on sensor holder and clean

* Wipe down unit casing and remove all finger marks

* Test run unit on heating/cooling and record on/off temperatures

* Check and change batteries in remote controller if required

* Wash down outdoor unit and wax panels

* Check for any noise and vibration

* Check electrical terminations and tighten if necessary

* Remove Outdoor unit lid and check for vermin or insect nests and apply de-bugger

* Check service valves and flare connections for leaks, check and tighten service caps

* Check that the interconnecting services penetration through the wall/floor is sealed

* Clear all debris away from under the Outdoor unit and wash through the coil to remove dust and dirt

* Wipe the ceiling grills and diffusers